We love what life looks like when you slow down and capture it. These are our adventures.
Come with us.

Over Thanksgiving 2014, we traveled to Grayling Michigan to relax and to explore the surrounding area. We were fortunate enough to have one of the tallest trees in Crawford County on the property we were staying. In the 9 degree weather I ascended the tree to see what it had to offer, and offer it did!

This is a more emotional look at why people seek adventure and why climbers keep climbing. You could call it a self portrait if you'd like. If we don't have a sense of risk in our lives we merely exist. 

This is what we love. Being in nature. During the golden hour when the light makes everything pop. Being in the mountains where you can have your breath taken away with every sight. What do you SEEK?

This video was an experiment to take something mundane and boring to most and put a new twist on it! How many people are actually interested in splicing a rope? How about when you put a Burlesque routine soundtrack behind it? Enjoy.

We have SO MUCH more to add to this section! We are SO excited to share more photography, instagram promos, and short films with you, we just need a little more time getting them up, so please check back soon!