We are a husband and wife team specializing in Visual Media.

we take your business and turn it into a visual adventure
that people beg to be a part of.

Autumn Carufel Professional Destination Photographer
Jake Carufel Arborist CTSP

Individually- Autumn is a Professional Photographer. Her portrait work can be viewed here.

Jake is a Professional Arborist with a concentration in rope access.
Together, we are The Seekers Of.

Our Mission for you

Our missions is to help people grow, help businesses expand, and allow stories to be told through Artistic Visual Media. Travel, Adventure, and Creativity are what shape our lives and we look forward to using those skills to help you shape yours. 

“There’s nothing better than sitting down with a cup of coffee and tapping in to your dreams and passions. Getting to help people do that in a creative way is a personal high for me.”
— Autumn | The Seekers Of
“People live in comfortable boxes. I feel they need risk in order to make them whole, take them away from their current, comfortable life style- and then they are living.”
— Jake | The Seekers Of

                        See how we survive being a husband and wife team here!! 

                        See how we survive being a husband and wife team here!!